The Crisis Of The French Monarchy Essay

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Landon Goldstein
Class F Hornor
Week 14-15
Kagan, Chapter 18; Rousseau, The Social Contract, pp 139-187
Weeks 14-15 the crisis of the french monarchy overview no ability to get enough taxes to stay in control king louis XVI wanted to tax nobles, got into conflicts
Louis forced to call estates general to fix taxation problem monarchy seeks new taxes seven years war left france in debt also french support in american revolution increased financial difficulties after 7 years war, aristocracy challenged monarchs power louis XV and XVI lacked capabilities to deal with the aristocracy rene maupeou louis XV appointed him chancellor in 1770 goal was to tax nobility, break the parlements louis died, XVI took his place, fired Maupeou and reestablished parlements to gain popular support once restored, parlements accused the monarch of tyranny necker’s report jacques necker swiss banker, appointed director of finances in france in 1781 discovered that a large portion of revenues went to pensions for aristocrats this discovery angered nobility, necker forced out of office calonne’s plan and assembly of notables charles alexandre de calonne minister of finance encouraged internal trade by removing barriers lowered gabelle salt tax and converted corvee into money payments met with assembly of notables committee nominated by the royal court made up of nobles they distrusted calonne reappointed necker the revolution of 1789 the estates general become the national assembly

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