The Creation Of A Website Essay

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Jason McCormack is a self-employed worker with his own business in home improvements. Because smaller businesses, such as his, do not get near as much advertisement as the larger businesses and franchises, he is considering creating a website. The creation of a website would give Jason an opportunity to make clients aware of any previous work he has completed, prices, and a way for the clients to reach out to him for further information or to even set up appointments. In today’s modern society, with almost every home having the ability to access the internet, the idea of publishing a website is pungently encouraged. While websites are constructed for reasons varying from business to information, the work behind the creation of websites is made out to be much simpler than the actual process is. Every element of a website requires a code, even the elements not visualized, making the utilization and understanding of these codes take a generous amount of patience and time. To make creating a site easier in the slightest, pre-made templates are provided that do not involve the lengthy process of coding. However, even with the assistance of templates, designing a functioning site commands extensive and critical attention to all content being produced. August sixth of 1991 marked an enormous milestone in the World Wide Web. On this date Tim Berners-Lee published the first ever website from a lab in the Swiss Alps to simply explain the World Wide Web to newcomers. According to the…

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