Essay on The Correlation Between Faith Hope And Imagination

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In every person’s mind, positive hope is the basis that characterizes the cycle of living and fulfilling every day’s goals and plans. An individual survives the tides in today’s life with the expectation that the ensuing days shall be different and replicate the positive expectations that have not materialized. Many authors have deductively expressed their understanding on the reaction curve that defines the correlation between faith hope and imagination.
By definition, imagination is the intuitive act of developing images in one’s mind derived from a person’s current situation of thinking. Imagined images cannot be viewed, touched or sensed by any party other than the person imagining them. Reasoning is described as the art of justifying the consciousness of one’s thinking by applying logical arguments with intent to override other parties’ approach to a certain issue. Thus, reasoning defies the rationality of an intuitive perception by blending imagination with reality in defense of prevailing facts in the error of human nature.
Further, religious believers and philosophers have been dissecting the essence of faith as an element that influences a person’s religious and social beliefs. Faith in a person could be viewed as a unilateral belief in someone, something or readings that evoke a positive attitude in a person without necessarily proving why he believes in what he believes. In a religious perspective, faith has been understood as a sacrosanct element that every…

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