The Consequences Of Social Stratification System Essay

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The consequences of our social stratification system is best explained by Max Weber, a social theorist. Weber described this system as life chances, this meaning the opportunities that people have in common by virtue of belonging to a particular class (Andersen et al. 174). There are many different life chances a person has being raised in two different locations such as Stony Brook, and Patchogue Village. The characteristic’s a majority of people in a community possess involving social or economic, can explain a persons different life chances. In Suffolk County, there are significant differences within certain towns that result in a persons life chances. Two of these towns that are not far from each other express many social characteristics that lead to a different outcome in ones life. Stony Brook, considers 8.0% of their population to be people who are foreign born as of 2008-2012, while Patchogue considers 16.5% of their population foreign born as of 2008-2012. Being that there are more foreigners in Patchogue, many adjust to the American lifestyle. In Patchogue it’s possible that families interact with the community more than Stony Brook. This may be because they have a different culture, and although they may not want to change their way of living, they learn more about the social norms of the culture that is surrounding them. Along with foreigners, there’s a high chance of having a language other than English spoken at home. In Patchogue as of 2008-2012, 23.9%…

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