The Competitive Market Made It Difficult For Keep Market Share

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Ed is contemplating leaving Tucker Knox for another company.
2. The competitive market made it difficult to keep market share.
3. Constant changes in employees in management has created instability and worries that an employee could be laid off.
4. Hiring problems and promoting problems that were not explained caused managers to question what was happening.
B. Micro
1. Jack is not being a good leader and is promoting people who are in the best interest for himself not others.
2. Tucker Knox wants to keep producing in the United States and need to keep improving the support functions of the corporation.
3. There are no assembly machines that can create their designs.

II. Causes
1. Hiring and promoting has been left to Jack who is doing it to benefit himself. He does not give reasons for not promoting the right people.
2. Tucker Knox creates very unique products that can’t be made on current assembly machines.
3. Unexpected retiring of the Ireland plant director and hiring of new managers. Sam did not make an attempt to fill empty manager spots.

III. Systems affected
1. Structural – Major structural problems within management have happened. Jack is hiring and promoting people who he only deems loyal to him and is not promoting the people that have the skills necessary or are qualified. Jack is manipulating managers to do what he wants and they affect the structure as well. Management is not as qualified or experienced as it once was and is not filled with people Jack wants…

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