The Civil War Of The South 1865 Essay

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A Year In the South 1865
A Year In The South 1865 traces the lives of four Americans: John Robertson (former Confederate solider), Cornelia McDonald (widow of a Confederate solider), Louis Hughes (former slave), and Sam Agnew (preacher and son of a southern planter) as they live out the year of 1865 and the events leading up to and after the death of the confederacy. It follows four people from completely different backgrounds and entirely different paths as the War Between the States unfolded. No matter the social class or the color of their skin all four people had to deal with similar struggles as they fought to survive. Though the war brought constant turmoil hope could be found within the ashes of a damaged nation.
Living in the mid nineteenth century was difficult enough as a married woman but with the loss of her husband, the life of Cornelia McDonald and her children would be anything but easy in the new South. The Civil War had an impact on thousands of families who lost their husbands and brothers; this took away the sense of security that came along with strong male figures. The loss of her husband forced her to go to work in order to afford just the basic necessities, such as food and shoes for her children. She talks about the disgust she felt as her sons went and worked in the field involving slave labor because the new freedmen refused to work for their old masters. In the ld South she was seen as high class having the luxury of not having to work and could…

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