The Civil War : An Extremely Complex And Complicated Era Essay examples

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The Civil War was an extremely complex and complicated era in our nations history. The events that unfolded during those trying times were a simplistic matter for literally no man or woman involved, and even those who weren’t directly involved could feel the effects of a nation being pulled apart. The tales that were told by soldiers, their friends, and families depict a time filled with great accomplishments paired with great defeats. Amongst all of these trials and tribulations, the Civil War was able to accomplish several feats that changed the face of America forever. Beginning in 1861, the American Civil War stemmed from a handful of southern states declaring secession from the Union as it stood, in hopes of garnering an easier means of continuing to operate their slave trade and work force. These seven states declared their independence and formed what they referred to as the Confederate States of America. The Confederacy eventually grew to include eleven states and attempted to expand farther west to territories beyond the south. These states sought to justify their existence and essentially “throw their weight around” which would inevitably lead to the first recorded battle of the period, an attack on Fort Sumter, which has been credited as the origin of the Civil War. ( The prospective of the war varied greatly depending on whom you spoke to, however an overwhelming sense of uneasiness existed amongst everyone in the time period. A piece pulled from…

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