The City Of The Egyptian Empire Essay examples

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Amarna is a city that is separated. The separation occurs within the title of nobility or one of a commoner. This was the urban plan, or the central idea of the design of the city. Since this was a capital city in the Egyptian empire, the nobles cannot be living at the same level or area as the people they rule over. That would be a disgrace! The city designers too this ideal and made all their designs for the city around that image. When any large metropolitan area is created, the organization of necessary buildings and spaces are always taken into consideration. This urban plan has many different terms and criteria it must define and fit. One such of these terms is coordination of buildings and space. This refers to the general shape and direction of the city and the buildings within it. Amarna is an interesting story. Since the Egyptian empire was based around the Nile for water, food, and transportation, the city of Amarna was built along the curve of the river. As seen in the map in the back, the livestock, groves, and artisan workers all were along the river. The sole purpose of this was to give the most important things to the city, the most resources to flourish.
Even though, the city was curved along the river, it still retained the same general features of the time for a city. Amarna still has a market, even though not centrally located. The market although not central, was in fact closest to the farmers and the groves of the city. This was to ensure that the…

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