The City Of Phoenix Is Not Recycle At All Essay

911 Words Sep 7th, 2015 4 Pages
After numerous attempts to recycling efforts, I founded out that Arizona does not recycle at all. In Phoenix, people just discarded glass in the dumpsters, and they have to go out of their way to recycle cans, which most people choose not to. Moving to Phoenix, from a city such as Washington, DC, which is it almost expected that you recycle, I found it very frustrated and hurtful to throw away things that can be used into something else. The City of Phoenix provides a couple of recycling drop centers, where you can save it and then dropped off. But, I mean people will have to go out of their way, which I imagine few people will do. Also,we don’t really know what happens with the glasses and cans that are meant to be reused. Does it get recycled,? or our efforts to reuse and save the environment for future generations, are all attempts in vain.

It is important to educate the people in different ways of reusing their garbage and waste, because it is a matter of concern. In order to preserve our town for our future generation, the government needs to provide awareness in the future generation. Clearly, we have to provide knowledge into the reality of our city, that we should have the option of recycling if we wanted to. Additionally, we have to encourage the people of our valley, by making an argument into stressing sustainability. Indeed, the best place to start is in the public schools, we our kids. Because only then we can inform people, so they know their…

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