The Chemical Of Chemical Dependency Essay

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A chemical dependency could start at any age. It could affect from adolescents to old adults. The substance abuse could start with a simple idea of a cigarette or the influence of a friend to try an illicit drug. It could begin with a zip of alcohol on a Friday night socializing with friends, a person looking for pleasure in a medication, or an old adult with difficulty sleeping looking for a better night to sleep with a prescribe medication. Many people should know that chemical dependency is the name used to define the result of a misuse of a product and the constant use even after significant a problems have been developed ("Substance Abuse/Chemical Depend | Johns Hopkins Medicine Health Library," n.d.). Due to the increase in dependents, this is an issue that not only affects us as nurses, but also as parents of a new generation that will be confronting these situations more often in the future years. This paper provides information related to persons who suffer chemical dependencies. It offers written information regarding when it is considered a person a substance abuser. How does the abuse affect the person and family members’ life? And what kind of treatment is necessary to assist these people?

Chemical Dependency

A Person Consider as Substance Abuser Chemical dependency is a disease that has been increasing with the years and that’s why it has been gaining serious importance. Unfortunately, it is affecting many people in this country. Individuals…

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