The Change Is Caused By Peer Pressure Essay

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I still remember the first time I was in America. I wore a pair of sweatpants on the first day of school. However, I saw almost everybody else was wearing sports shorts and jeans! A depressing feeling suddenly filled me and it made me feel like I was the “odd one” in that place, so I bought two pairs of new jeans and wore one to school the very next day. I have to say those jeans cannot compare with my sweatpants in terms of comfortable, but they gave me a feeling that I am not an outsider anymore. I changed my behavior just to belonging to the new group that I tried to fit in to. We can see from my story that the desire for group membership can make people change their behavior. The change is caused by peer pressure, a desire to fill psychological needs, and an attempt to avoiding loneliness.
Pressure from people around you can motivate you either positively or negatively. When an individual interacts with groups, he or she unavoidably interacts with other people, and this interaction generates pressure. Especially when interacting with peer groups which are closer groups that share similar values, be at similar ages, and have similar backgrounds (, n.d.), people tend to obtain a certain kind of pressure called peer pressure. Peer pressure can also be explained as “influence that a peer group, observers or individual exerts that encourages others to change their attitudes, values, or behaviors to conform to group norms.” (Henslin, 2005) Here is an example…

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