The Challenge Of Dealing With School Violence Essay

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Final Exam
According to Guardian News Editor, Sarah Marsh (2015), over 80% of teachers polled said that they started teaching because they loved working with children and more than 70% quit their teaching jobs because of the huge work load. As a teacher, I will face the challenge of dealing with school violence, having to modify my teaching to fit into many different learning abilities, along with motivating parents to get involved in their child’s education. Although challenging, teaching can also have many rewards such as, getting to work with children, sharing with them a passion for learning and also the added perk of having an abundance of vacation time.
Working with children is a deep passion of mine that I consider to be rewarding. The enjoyment of watching children smiling and laughing along with witnessing the positive effects of what you are doing, and the difference it makes to each child. Every child has their own personality, therefore every day is a new adventure. Children can make the trivial things in life seem not so trivial.
I have always had an extreme passion for learning that stemmed from my teachers, who left a lasting impression on my life. Sharing my passion for learning is something that I consider to be rewarding. Teaching the students values and skills they need to live their life usefully and successfully is very important to me. Along with the many intrinsic rewards of teaching, there are also rewards to teaching such as vacation time in the…

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