The Causes of Impact of War and Resolution Essay

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The Causes and Impact of War and Revolution Worksheet

Instructions: Answer each of the following questions in 75 to 150 words.

1. What events developed after the assassination of Franz Ferdinand, starting the first global war?
A - After the assassination, Austria had begun to take steps to go after Serbia. They had hoped that Russia would stay neutral and not help Serbia or Austria would be out-numbered. Austria had decided not take any action unless Germany would fight along their side. On July 5, Germany gave assurance that they would help Austria and they had Germanys full support. Austria gave Serbia an ultimatum with demands that they expected the Serbians to turn down. Russia had gotten
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The assassination of Franz Ferdinand by a Serbian that was given weapons from Serbia is an example of nationalism. Austria had power over Serbia and the Serbians did not like this, which created tension and eventually led to this terrorist act.

4. How did the war affect the role of women in the involved countries?
A - Before the war, women were only used in the house. They had no influence on politics and lacked a decent education. They were only supposed to be loyal and supportive to the husband and children. Women were the caretakers of the house in every way. When the Great War began, the role of women changed quite a lot. Since the men were off at war, there were jobs not getting done and money not being made. Women ended up going to work and making money for their families.

5. How did hunger and shortages of consumer goods affect civilian support for the war?
A - Civilian support was slipping during the war due to shortages of consumer goods that were causing most of the country to go hungry. Each country tried to maintain a happy home front to continue the support for the war. This led to wage increases for civilian workers among other perks. The countries were starting to realize that the most success would come to a country with a stable nation. Therefore the nations regimented as much as they could to create that stability with Germany doing it the best.

6. Why did the peace initiative of 1916 fail?
A – After many failed attempts to

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