The Case For Birthright Citizenship Essay

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Should illegal immigrant’s offspring be entitled to all the privileges of an American citizen? Or should they be deprived of this blessing just because some people are too close minded? Birthright citizenship has always been an issue with many Americans. In his essay “An Argument to be made about Immigrant Babies and Citizenship,” George Will writes about a “simple reform that would drain some scalding steam from immigration arguments… thereby removing an incentive for illegal immigration.” While some are for it, a lot are against it and are trying to find a way to change the interpretation of the fourteenth amendment. In her essay “The Case for Birthright Citizenship,” Linda Chavez writes about how instead of attacking this issue we should embrace it. A lot of people don’t pay attention to the contribution these children bring to the state. In his article “Birthright Citizenship Benefits the Country,” Ronald D. Rotunda writes about how these children should obtain this right because regardless of what people think they were born here and they shouldn’t be blamed for something their parents did. A lot of very successful people in America are children of illegal immigrants. In an interview Dr. Amanda Lopez, a successful surgeon and daughter of illegal immigrants, demonstrates how this birthright citizenship helped her become a successful contributing American citizen.
Chavez wrote about America’s first immigration restriction called the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882. The law…

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