The Carl 's Jr. Commercial Too Hot For Tv Essays

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The Carl’s Jr. commercial Too Hot for TV gives a minor insight into one of the major controversies we face today. We have somehow taught ourselves that it is okay to objectify women, to sell products with sex, and to wrongly construe how men perceive women. Too Hot for TV is about a woman walking through an outdoor market, seemingly naked, while a series of men are caught off guard and stare as she nonchalantly walks by. There are a few parts that are made to be comical; for example, they place an apple in front of the camera where her butt would be, and we see a male’s hand reach out and pinch the apple as she turns around and acts surprised. Too Hot for TV is an excellent example of the polluted way in which we have begun utilizing women’s sexuality and men’s assumed lack of morals as a marketing tool, and it’s something that should be addressed.
The main character, played by Charlotte McKinney, has a sense of confidence and arrogance. Her dialogue plays as a voice over while we watch her strut down the street. In it, she talks about “going all natural,” and how freeing it makes her feel. The commercial ends with McKinney emphasizing how nothing could stand in the way of her and the Carl’s Jr. All Natural burger, as we watch her take a large bite out of it. The concept of this entire commercial is to make this woman seem more of an object rather than a human being, just like a burger is. They make subtle connections between the two, hinting that women should be treated…

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