The Canterbury Tales By Geoffrey Chaucer Essay

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Geoffrey Chaucer had a major influence in the development of English literature. His most famous work is The Canterbury Tales since it continues to be read, studied, and reshaped to fit modern audiences. It contains vivid stories that reveal life during the 15th century through the contrasting pilgrims; we are able to see the strife between social classes, differing tastes, and competing professions. One of the most notable ideas to come out of The Canterbury Tales is the role of women during medieval times and their status as human beings in society. In Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales, the female characters and narrators are used as to explore the gender role of females in medieval society, and to shed light on the inequalities suffered by them. Chaucer does this by creating stereotypical female characters and contrasting them to empowered females, therefore elucidating how wrongly females were treated and oppressed during medieval times.
During medieval times in the 1400’s, both women and men were subjected to certain duties and responsibilities in life and society that applied throughout the class system. Men were responsible for providing and protecting the household through financial support As a result, men held most of the power in society, since society was based on how much money and land people owned. However, women had much different roles and expectations in society. Women were expected to be obedient towards male authorities in their lives whether it was their…

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