The Business Case For Unlimited Vacation Essay

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The commentary article, “The business case for unlimited vacation” is about a new policy that the author has implemented in his Canadian technology company during the beginning of 2016 in hopes of attracting highly skilled employees. Jeff Booth, the co-founder and CEO of BuildDirect, is providing more freedom to his employees by giving them unlimited vacation. This is an approach to reduce stress among his staff, encourage productivity, and essentially to also keep his current highly skilled employees. Although Booth believes this policy isn’t an effective strategy for all companies, he believes it will benefit his and that his employees will not take advantage and freeload (Booth, 2016).

Although Jeff Booth’s policy is a business risk, I admire his decision because he is not only looking at strategies to better his company, but he is also benefiting and supporting his staff while in the process of improving the business. Despite the risk of his workers losing focus to the new luxury, he has faith that his employees will view this policy as motivation for higher productivity and expecting the best from them (Booth, 2016). Regardless of the different circumstance from my experiences, I am able to relate to this situation and can see how Booth’s policy could potentially be successful. I currently work as a barista at a busy café and the shifts can get stressful as I get overwhelmed with dealing with many customers while working on order slips. I personally find that even a…

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