Essay on The British Medical Developments During World War I

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The British Medical Developments in World War I and World War II Medicine will always be upgraded to match the modern injuries and infections, and will always stay very important to human society. Without medicine, there would be an extremely significant increase in death. Infections would not be able to be cured, viruses would not be able to be managed, and many more complications would not be able to be stopped or delayed without medicine. Medicine is not only essential in everyday life and society, but a necessity unlike any other in war. With upgraded weapons and tactics, when injured in battle, one must get the right treatment quickly for whatever the injury is. The medicine used in war must constantly be upgraded with the changing times, and that is what the British did. In World War 1 and World War 2, weapons were being modified to cause more damage. Injury and infection killed hundreds of thousands of people. During World War 1 and World War 2, the British developed and created new and integrative techniques and medicines that were used in the war to save hundreds of thousands of their soldier’s lives. During World War I, medicine was needed crucially to help fix the wounds caused by new weaponry. World War I saw the invention and development of many weapons. Some weapons, for example, were the machine gun, pistol, poison gas, trench mortars, tanks, flamethrowers, and many others. One type of injury that caused many problems was when one was shot in the…

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