The Brain Development and Violence Essay

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The Brain Development and Violence
Juanita S Farmer
DeVry University
Professor: Jeannine Quear

What causes a person to become violent? Is a person born to be a killer or do social pressures cause a person to lash out? These are questions that scientists have been searching for answers to for decades. Though there are many theories about biological influences, there is no set rule that applies to everyone that explains what makes a person turn violent. There are three events that scientist have determine that can cause damage to the brain. I will try to show how these factors can have an influence on the brain and might lead to violent behavior, they are: head injuries, malnutrition, and exposure to chemicals or poison
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Due to their size and rapid growth children are a more sensitive population than adults and can absorb 40% more toxins then an adult. Lead poisoning in infancy, even at very low levels, impairs the development of the parts of the brain that regulate behavior and mood (Monbiot, 2013). A number of environmental exposures are documented to result in a common pattern of neurobehavioral effects, including lowered IQ, shortened attention span, and increased frequency of antisocial behavior. The American Medical Association has reported that heavy metals are linked to aggressive behaviors, at least seven studies have shown that violent criminals have elevated levels of lead, cadmium, mercury, and other chemicals compared to people who were not violent. Though there are many contributing factors that may make a person act out in violence, there are scientific studies have shown that a disruption or lack of development in the prefrontal cortex, amygdala, or the limbic system in the brain is to blame in most cases. If a child suffers from a head injury due to an accident or abuse they might not develop the understanding of right and wrong, or be able to understand and deal with emotional outburst. It is very important that anybody suffering from TBI been seen by a doctor, and if aggressive behaviors develop a clinical team will need to work with the person to help them develop an understanding of what they are feeling and how to positively deal with

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