The Boom Of Social Media Activism Essay

1993 Words Mar 17th, 2016 null Page
The Boom of Social Media Activism According to statistics website, STATISTA, there are over 207 million smartphone users in the United States this year (eMarketer). The growth in mobile computing has allowed limitless access to online information almost anywhere you go. According to journalist and author Malcolm Gladwell, the consequence of this growth is that activists are now favoring more superficial participation in current social problems. Social media activism is any activism associated with social media. In Small Change: Why the Revolution will not be Tweeted, Gladwell challenges the use of social media and its weak role in social activism. Instead of being used for meaningful change, it has led us to “[forget] what activism is”(3). But the article was written in 2010 when 60 million smartphones were in use; less than a third of what it is today. In 2013, the social movement #BlackLivesMatter began on a mobile phone through Facebook and has garnered millions of supporters critiquing the racism that has persisted in the government, both in specific agencies and at large. Gladwell’s denouncement of social media does not account for the evolution and growing access to the internet, and in turn, the importance of outlets like Facebook and Twitter in starting and propelling the goals of a social movement today. The founding of the #BlackLivesMatter movement owes credit to the widespread access of information through social media applications on smartphones. But…

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