The Book Of Genesis : The Origins Of The Bible And The Christian Old Testament

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The book of Genesis is the origin, or the beginning in meaning. the first book of the Hebrew Bible and the Christian Old Testament. Its genre can be explained as antiquarian history(1), and within the book it tells the first appearance of humans, stories of ancestors, heroes, origins of culture, and cities. The book of Genesis author, Moses, authorized, compiled, and edited the book. It is believed that he was provided with the skills to write the book from his Egyptian education and by being the adopted son of Pharaoh’s daughter. Moses had access to patriarchal family records which were preserved by being written on clay tablets. They were inspired after accounts of the events which occurred in the lives of Adam, Noah, Shem, and the others. Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, Moses selected and compiled these, along with his own comments. And the book became the book we know of today called, “the book of Genesis.”(2) The book of Genesis dates back 2296 BC to the birth of Terah, (Terah or Térach is a biblical figure in the book of Genesis, son of Nahor, son of Serug and father of the Patriarch Abraham, all descendants of Shem 's son Arpachshad. Spouse: Edna, Parents: Ijaska, Nahor, Children: Abraham, Sarah, Haran, Nahor), in the Fertile Crescent(2) region. The books first two chapters explain how God, as the creator, created ex nihilo, meaning from nothing. The “fall” in chapter 3 is key because it is where we learn about sin and the beginning of the curse of man. Then,…

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