The Best Experience of My Life Essay

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My Summer Vacation One of my favorite family traditions is summer vacation. Every summer without fail we go on vacation, and we stay there for at least a week. For the past five years we have been going to Disney World with our family that lives in Los Angeles. He is my cousin Ricardo, he lives with his wife and his 1-yearold daughter. I like them because they’re nice, cool and funny. It has turned into a tradition and we all love to be together and have a good time. Every year when we go they greet us in such a way they make you feel like home. Once we’re there and our vacation starts we just forget about everything and relax for a week. …show more content…
When we arrived at the restaurant me and my sister ordered a gigantic hamburger, my mom and dad fish, and my cousin and his wife chicken. When we finish we were all very satisfied and we headed for a little fun. We saw some lights in the far end and we followed them. We arrived at a show it was called the electrical parade and it was really cool. So we went down there last summer and it was a big vacation for all of us. I know it was more of an children’s vacation which but it was very fun and we all loved. In my opinion we are a little too old for Disney World but it was my favorite vacation. My favorite part was when we went to the rides and got on a rollercoaster. My sister tried not to vomit but I guess she had a weak stomach and vomited all over my dad. Unfortunately for my dad, he was on the same cart and he vomited too. When it all was over and we were in a hotel we joked about the vomit and laughed really hard. We shouldn’t had eaten right before going into the

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