The Benefits Of Sick Leave Essays

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Sick leave is a crucial benefit in the employee 's benefit package. The benefit package offers paid time for an employee who cannot work due to sickness or unintentional injury to continue receiving his or her pay uninterrupted. However, sick leave was initially designed as a privilege and not as an entitlement, over time this benefit has come to be expected. Many companies are no longer offering sick time to employees as they are now combing vacation and sick time and leave it up to the employee how they want to utilize their time off. Similar benefits are being implemented in other countries; however, even though the benefit exists in other countries, culture expectations take priority over outlined employee’s benefits. When negotiating, it is important to take into considerations cross-culture nuances of both parties, as well as non-verbal cues, which will aid in a more successful negotiation.
Case Study In the current case study, a Canadian teacher is working abroad in Japan. The employee had called in sick due to coming down with the flu, since 2 other employees were out, their supervisor chose for them all to take vacation days versus paid sick time and asked that they sign the paperwork reflecting this. The employees refused to sign the paperwork as they had a written agreement that stated they were entitled to sick time. In this case study the employer felt the employees should not take the sick time as it is a custom in Japan that employees never take sick time…

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