Essay on The Battle Of Cannae : Carthage

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The Battle of Cannae
Carthage was a city located on the Mediterranean Sea in Northern Africa. It was founded near the year 814 B.C. by Phoenician traders who had a long tradition of trade in the sea (Bradford 21-22). The city was built for trading. It contained two harbors, one for the public trading, with ships from all over the known world. The other port was used as a military harbor (Bradford 22). The city was first built for trading alone, but as the Carthaginians started to discover the land to the west, they saw that it was fertile and good for crops (Bradford 22). As Carthage found more and more land, it found the perfect place to build a new city, Sicily. However, Greece also wanted Sicily. Both wanted the island, and a war broke out between the two for control of Sicily. As the two fought among themselves, a new power arose, Rome. Rome was a land based power that neither the Carthaginians nor the Greeks had put much thought into. As the Romans gathered more and more land in southern Italy, they set their sights on Sicily. The Romans and Carthaginians fought a bloody war in the Mediterranean Sea for control of Sicily. This was known as the first Punic War (Bradford 25). The first Punic war started in the year 247 B.C. (Warrick 21). Carthage was a complete naval city, and they had few citizens in the city so most of their armies were made out of mercenaries (Bradford 25). Although the Carthaginians had the advantage at sea, with better ships, the Romans had…

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