The Barbie Anomaly : The Success Of Barbie Essay

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The Barbie Anomaly

The success of Barbie as a meme in owed to her creator Ruth Handler. She was married to the co-owner of renowned toy company Mattel, and avid in the business and brought many ideas of success to her husband’s desk. Her greatest idea began when she saw her daughter Barbara playing with a paper doll. She decided that a three-dimensional plastic doll with an adult body would much more enjoyable for kids. Her idea was put on hold, though, because her husband and his partner believed no parents would buy that kind of doll for their kid. Even after her idea was thrown out she didn’t forget it all together.
As Ruth Handler was having a vacation with her family in Europe she came across a doll that she believed could be morphed into something special back in the states. She brought the doll home, and with a makeover she was ready to be marketed to girls as a teen model. Named after her daughter Barbara, Barbie hit the shelves in 1959 and a new form of American female beauty was inscribed into history. History, just like so many times before, would be drastically changed by something that no one would ever think had so much affect. As she has mutated and multiplied over the years she has become a horror for all the young girls that allow her into their lives.
In the middle ages the population was struck by the most devastating pandemic ever to happen in history. The Bubonic Plague, which wiped out a third of the people in the world, was started by a very inferior…

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