The Assessment Of Needs Analysis Essay

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Findings of Needs Analysis It is clear from the findings of both Table 1 and Table 8 (capabilities of educators), that teachers are not demonstrating mastery of the SBEC Technology Applications Standards for all Teachers. The teacher survey attempts to analyze this further by asking them to rank the greatest barriers to creating and maintaining a website. The response results outlined in Table 2 indicate that the greatest barrier for most teachers is a lack of time. However a significant number of teachers admit that they do not what they should include in their website, that they don’t understand the legal issues and they don’t feel the website is user friendly. The web pages that are being populated most frequently are the most user-friendly and contain information that needs to be updated annually at most (home page, course syllabus and teacher resume). The other pages that teachers were asked about, most teachers felt that they could update these with some level of instruction, be it directions, a refresher or full training.
In the STaR chart survey (access to professional development) teachers indicated that they are at the developing stage when it comes to attending technology related professional development, this may be a consequence of time constraints. Table 8 also indicates that leadership and instructional support for technology is mostly at an advanced level, so it would appear that there are gaps between expectations and implementation.
In Table 5 we see…

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