The Article ' Social Media Explosion ' Essay

1133 Words Oct 23rd, 2014 5 Pages
Alsokoot Almutairi
Ismet Ozkilic

The article “Social Media Explosion” was written or authored by Marcia Clemmitt, who has served as editor in chief of medicine and health besides her work as a staff writer for the Scientist. (Clemmitt 100) Given that the rate of adopting online communication is ever increasing, what are the potential limitations facing online users? The author’s main point is privacy safety of social networking sites (Clemmetti 82). She notice that emergence of facebook and photo sharing site have been received with a lot of interest from members of the public due to intensive fun involved with the media technologies (82, 89, 90 and 94). Although human beings interactions were once an occasional venture practiced by financially able few individuals, the trend has drastically changed after development of online technologies especially social media (Clemmit 81). This has led to much active involvement in online meeting, chatting, working and competing with others. The author observes that with high in flush of online users, the tendency to attract advertisements in a particular online site has improved significantly (Clemmetti 88, 89 and 96). This aspect facilitated by the number of times a given site accessed by different users across the globe. However, as this trend continues to gain momentum, security of personal data accessed by the blogger anytime access made into a certain blog is becoming a major concern Clemmetti 82). Although the author…

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