The Article Hidden Aspect Of Communication Essay

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The Article Hidden Aspect of Communication is about
The article is about the different types of paralanguages. Kinesics which is also referred to as body language because it deals with people communicating through gestures, facial expressions, and posture. In this section it gives example of some types of kinesics that occur in North American, and it gives an example of how kinesics can differ in different cultures. Tone and Character of Voice is very short but in this little section the author talks about how in a simple sentence that a person says can have different reactions just by the tone that it is said in. High, low, whisper, slow etc. Proxemics is the distance that people keep amongst themselves and others. In the section of proxemics it tells of how we people have a certain comfort zone and like to keep that comfort zone and don’t like people to invade it. It gives an example of Latin America and shows a table for North America of the average comfortable distances. And it briefly talks about appropriate touching. Cultural Use of Space, is about how different cultures use space differently as an example it used businesses in North America and Japan. Cultural use of time is about how different cultures can manipulate time that communicates different messages. The use of time can be based on status and the culture from which the person belongs to. As an example the article used business once again and the social standing within the business. It also used an example…

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