The Arrest And Trial Of Kareem King Essay

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The arrest and trial of Kareem King by military tribunal posed no significant moral issues because King is not a citizen of the US, there is overwhelming evidence to find him guilty, and he did in fact try to harm Americans. The first reason why King’s arrest and trial posed no significant moral issues is because he is not a United States citizen. He should not be allowed the same rights citizens are concerning trial and court. Furthermore, as a non-citizen, he acted against the US. This makes him at war with the US. If he opposes the United States, he should be tried in a military tribunal. The second reason King’s trial is morally justified is there is overwhelming evidence to arrest him and try him in a military tribunal. President Bush intended for the tribunals to be used for criminals who committed acts of terrorism against the United States, and that is exactly what this is, as shown by the evidence. The third, and most prominent reason why this trial is morally justified is because King himself committed issues that were immoral. Attempting to harm American lives and destroy important infrastructure in not one but two cities is a far larger immoral act than not giving a terrorist a completely fair and normal criminal trial. There is a quote stating, “In time of war the laws are silent.” This could not be more fitting here. Even if King did not receive a completely constitutional trial, morally, convicting him was correct. The primary goal in war is to protect the…

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