Essay on The And Oppression Of The United States

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The cruelties and oppression of slavery remain a dark stain in the history of the United States. Slaveowners frequently utilized Christianity as a means to justify their oppressive behavior. Christianity allowed them to hide behind misconstrued scriptures and parables that proclaimed whipping and torturing other humans as acceptable. Slave owners made Christianity a tool to ensure submission, all the while vigorously forcing the slaves to embrace this foreign religion. Christianity still functions as a tool to ensure submission. Many radical and extremists Christians from the United States and other developed countries travel to impoverished nations such as Uganda, and teach these people to hate homosexuals and those who do not conform to Western ideals and they justify this behavior with Christianity, the thought that this behavior is acceptable because Jesus ‘hates gays’. By the Mid-1750s, in the United States, most Africans became acclimated to the English language and had began to embrace Christianity. One record indicates the Anglo-Saxon Baptist church baptized as many as nine hundred and eighty blacks by 1750 in Williamsburg, VA. Black’s advocacy for religious independence led to the beginning of black churches. Examining the history and traditions of black churches from its origins in 1776 throughout the different eras of black movements during the twentieth century movements demonstrates that the black church inserted many characteristics into the black community…

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