The And Of A Physician Essay

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Much like Brittany, and many others that have made similar statements in similar situations, I believe that everyone has moral right to do as they please with their life as long as there is no harm done to anyone else. This includes PAS. When someone cannot end their own life in a dignified way when they so choose because of a disability or disease, they should have the right to the help of a physician. This right if requested should then be respected especially when it comes to painful terminal illnesses. In fact denying such a request to me seems cruel. It seems cruel to make someone live in pain and suffering even if it is a short while. I also believe in order to prevent innocent deaths there needs to be strict laws in place to safeguard individuals from false requests of PAS. I also realize in theory PAS may seem like a good idea but as we go deeper into discussion PAS may not be the most practical process. On the flip side I can see how some may oppose PAS from a religious stand point since many religions, especially Catholics, believe that those who commit suicide go to hell; although it could be debated that because it may not be by one’s own hand it the situation is different. The main issue here is that PAS is a form of suicide. Suicide alone brings up many issues within our society. The discussion of moral and ethical issues continues when we ask what keeps us then from using PAS to rid ourselves of undesirables. What will keep the relatives from persuading…

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