The And Biological Father Of Jayloni Essay

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Identifying Information

The family discussed in this paper is a blended family. Included is a father /stepfather (Ralaun), age 32, a mother (Lakiesha), age 31, and three children (Jayloni, Jveonte and Jordan), whose ages are 12,9 and 5 respectively. The mother is the biological parent of all three children. However, Jayloni is from a previous relationship that ended 10 years ago due to mistrust and manipulation. The spouse and biological father of Jayloni has a distant relationship and Jayloni is not in contact with his biological father often. The biological father of Jveonte and Jordan accepts Jayloni as his own child but Jayloni is aware that Ralaun is not his biological father. The family combined 10 years ago when Lakiesha and Ralaun had met at a nightclub and married three months later.
The father/stepfather Ralaun is a well-built African American male who is a tech sergeant in the United States Air Force. Ralaun is a Free Mason and also studies at Trident International University for his Bachelors in Business Administration. He is the primary breadwinner for the family. The mother Lakiesha is a strong African American woman who is a behavior health specialist at Sequel Youth and Family services. She is also a fulltime student at Northern Arizona University.
The children are all about 3 years apart and have very close bonds with each other. The oldest son Jayloni is a 7TH grader attending Memorial Junior High. He is an athlete and currently plays football for his…

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