The American Prison : Imagining A Different Future By Francis Cullen

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The last five chapters of the book “The American Prison: Imagining a Different Future” written by Francis Cullen, Mary Stohr and Cheryl Johnson discuss some of the various prison systems that can be found in America, and the issues that surround them. The main focus of discussion for each chapter is the history of the prison, its effectiveness in running, its social context in modern day America, and the authors of the chapter’s personal thoughts on the importance of that specific prison type. The four types of prisons covered in chapters 9-12 are the private prison, the green prison, the small prison, and the accountable prison; chapter thirteen of the book talks about the lessons that should be learned from the book regarding the harm and help that comes from the American penal system as a whole. This review will summarize and analyze each chapter including the author’s thoughts, and a critical analysis will be made at the end discussing the main points to be drawn from the chapters.

In chapter nine of the book Kevin Wright talks about the private prison system, and the important changes it makes from the traditional public prison system. Recently the American prison system has come under fire for being very cost-expensive and for operating in a very illegitimate manor. Many of the problems that public prisons present are overcrowding, insufficient programs, racial conflicts, inmate violence, and poor correctional staff; most of these problems are addressed and…

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