Essay on The American Of The Pearl Harbor

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Mary was a 17-year old Japanese-American girl living in the United States with her family. She was born and raised in America and had her citizenship, but her parents did not. For all she knew all her life she thought she was just like every other Caucasian American that lived in that same country. She went to an American school, spoke fluent English, had American friends, had her citizenship and everything else that you would think she needed in order to be considered an American.
She never had anything against Americans, followed theirs procedures, went to play with friends, went to a church taught in English and studied English scriptures. Everything she did her whole entire life was almost identical to what other Americans did as well, she just had some cultural differences that she also followed because her parents raised her to be a part of both and respect the Japanese culture as well. She thought all those characteristics would make her be an American.
That seemed to be all true until the day Pearl Harbor was attacked by Japan. This is when her life slowly started falling apart and who she thought she was, wasn’t true anymore. After this event she felt ashamed to be Japanese-American, she felt like everyone around her hated her now even though teachers and kids at school were still nice to her and her brother. Her parents always had taught to always stay on people’s good side, than in case of emergency of anything happens, people that know you…

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