Essay on The American Dream And American Society

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The American Dream and American Society have sensed changed from the Leave it to Beaver, nuclear family of the 1950s and sixties. From the suburban household with a husband at work, wife at home and their children, playing in the front yard. Brought upon many changes in the past couple of years to the staple of the nuclear family. Yet the traditional family still survives today, only to integrate and become a category among the varied families that now shape the new American society. This melting pot of families has emerged out of decades of movements and events, though the twenty-first century brought a surge of change to what is now viewed as the many faces of the modern American family.
The 1950s was an age of prosperity and comfort, with an underlying tone of conformity. Along with the American economy booming so did the American family in size and affluence. Postwar prosperity led to the redefining the American Dream. No longer was America fighting Nazis overseas nor were they fighting the Great Depression. Other factors played into the shaping of the nuclear family. One of them is that automobiles were once back in mass production and the Interstate Highway Act authorized the construction of highways that made living in the suburbs a possibility. Soldiers that came home no longer needed to wait to have children. Economic growth and GI Bill are among the factors that led to shaping the American dream” families. Families flying to new, cookie-cutter suburbs that…

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