Test And Security Evaluation Platform Essay

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Background Work:
The need for safe and secure identity authentication is increasing day by day as the number of identity theft occurrences is growing. The strongest security is implemented within the hardware itself. There are two key concepts in designing for testability: Controllability and Observability. Controllability refers to the ability to apply test patterns to the inputs of a sub circuit via the primary inputs of the circuit. Observability refers to the ability to observe the response of a subcircuit via the primary inputs or at some other output points. Testing requires access to the internal workings of the device under test (DUT). This is in conflict with the need for secrets to be hidden.
P1687 is a proposed IEEE standard that provides effective access to on-chip instruments. P1687 network utilizes a locking segment insertion bit (LSIB) that can only be opened when pre-defined values corresponding to a key are present in particular bits in the chain.
The three key elements for identity authentication are: what you have (Eg: ID card, key etc), what you are (Eg: Retina scan, fingerprint or voice) and what you know (Eg: Pin Number, SSN etc). Any combination of the three elements may be used for authentication purpose. Secure transmissions are required when data transfer is required between the islands of security via an open sea. The communication channel between the secure environments is unsecure. The security goals can be…

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