Television Violence Essay

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Who should be responsible for Television Violence?
Composition II

Who should be responsible for Television Violence? Can we afford to continue ignoring the connection between television violence and the increase in mass murders? The answer is no. We have to take a stance now and fight for stricter regulations by the government and the Federal Communications Committee (FCC). Television has been associated with influencing controversial acts since the beginning of its creation. One of the most recent acts that television is being blamed for is the violence associated Columbine High School murders in 1999. Many adults enjoy the entertainment of bad cop versus good cop, as well as the violent acts that are
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There are 3-5 violent acts per hour in prime time, versus 20-25 acts per hour on Saturday morning”. Research on television and children has proven that children who are exposed to violence become immune to the horror of violence (“Children”, 2011). They develop a false sense that violence solves problems and they begin imitating these acts in real life. Many children depending on their home lives can identify with the good violence acts performed by super heroes as well as the bad violence acts performed by the villains in most shows like Power Rangers and the Avengers.
In today’s age and time it really does take a village to raise a child. Parents are the first half to the village theory. They have the everyday responsibility to manage the content in which their children are viewing. Parents have the ability to curve the violence right at home by following a few tips generated on Facts for Families in the article “Children and TV violence”. This article has several easy ways parents can become more involve and do their part in eliminating the violent acts done by children. The first is setting limits on the amount of time their children are spending watching television. In order to regulate this better the TV should be removed from their children’s rooms. The second is a moral training Parents can do anytime a child does see violence on television by exploiting the violence and explaining that violence never has solved any problem. The last thing parents can

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