Teenage Sexual Behavior : Young People Dress Provacitivly And Encourage Plastic Surgery

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Teenage Sexual Behavior
Imagine a show that promotes sex, bad habits, and a longing to be rich. A show where people dress provacitivly and encourage plastic surgery. This is a show that wants to trap our youth into their ridiculous lifestyle. This is just a small example of one of the many things that promote teen sex in this beautiful country we call America. Although these people fully understand the impact they have on teenage minds, they choose to flaunt this lifestyle anyway. Society loves to use shows to promote negativity onto teens. This is a major issue in today’s society. Not only because they know what they’re feeding us is negative, but because they are fine with being that type of role model. This doesn’t always come from the media. Some major
The government needs to do more to counteract teenage sexual behavior in the United States.
Teenagers are having sex every day and have no shame about it. Way back when, purity was the way to go. It may have been because it was enforced in homes, or simply because teens knew it was the smart decision. In today’s society, what’s right or wrong doesn’t concern teens too much. “Almost half (49.3%) of all 12th grade students reported being sexually active compared to almost 20% (19.6) of 9th grade students” (State Policies). Most of the time, sex is being hidden from parents and mentors. The statistics shown above would be greater if more teens admit they are sexually active. Site-wide says that “…it 's not only normal, but…

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