Essay on Technology, Progress, And Freedom

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Technology is present in the life of most people in the world. Eduardo W. Younkins said in his article “Technology, progress, and freedom” that without technology the world could face higher levels of starvation and diseases, and that technology also provide a better diversity of products. Some of this products are made of living systems and/or organisms’ changes and the technology used to make them is called Biotechnology. An example of Biotechnology’s product are the Genetically Modified food, that are planned to bring benefits, such as, better nutritional content, an improvement in the production, and resistance to diseases and insects. The Golden Rice is one of the GM food that is in the line for being released for the world consumption, it is a rice enriched with β-carotene, which after ingested is converted in vitamin A. The lack of this vitamin can cause serious problems like blindness, decreased response of the immune system and even bone growth difficulties. The Golden Rice can help decrease the consequences of the vitamin A lack in the world, and this is why it should be released for consumption. The opposition side is show in articles like “Golden ' rice: All glitter, no gold” from Greenpeace International, where they say that for the golden rice to have a real effect on the vitamin a world deficiency, the consumption should me higher. They are also concerned about a possible cross “contamination” between the Golden Rice and the wild type and they say that the…

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