Technology And The Classroom : Making Strides With Technology

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Technology in the Classroom: Making Strides with Technology
In favor of the use of technology in the classroom, several matters are poignant. For students who are already familiar with technology, the use of this type of educational device is a logical extension of their daily processes. Technology opens doors for students by allowing them to access data and receive answers to practically any question that may arise. It also has the opportunity to cater to a wide array of learning styles such as reading, hearing, and interactive lessons for a more personal learning experience. Technology also provides scope for students to engage in a more diverse educational setting by interacting with students from different cultures from their own when reviewing the same or similar content or concepts. Collaborative learning has been applied in education since 1980s for such positive effects as enhancing motivation and critical thinking skills as well as improving academic performance and long-term retention (Lin, Hsaio, Tseng, Char, 2014).
When contemplating notions which pose issues for technology in the classroom, it is important to view these from a wider perspective. Some students, especially those in lower income brackets may not have ready access to technology at home and therefore may be less familiar with the way that they will need to interact in technological settings. This same scenario may also impede their ability to pair their learned information with homework or lessons…

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