Technology And The Advancement Of Technology Essay

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Throughout time as humans have evolved and their way of thinking has evolved they have built technology to make their lives easier and things more efficient. Such as cars to increase the speed of transportation and axes to progress the way of living. However, even though technology helps civilization by creating faster means of transportation and safer homes it pollutes and causes harm to the planet.
Throughout history, as time progressed so has humans and the advancement of technology. For, example in the beginning people did not own land or plant food they were nomads. They moved where ever the animals went since that was their food source and they needed to follow their source of food. They did not have any farming tools because there was no need for them, they did not plant or harvest crops. But as time went on the agricultural revolution came. During the agricultural revolution people switched from temporary homes and following their food around to more permanent housing and domesticating animals. More advance tools were created or already existing tools were modified to fit the evolving needs that the agricultural revolution brought. The invention of the hoe and the modifications of the axe are great examples of this. The hoe helped people grow crops while the axe allowed them to easier cut down trees so that they could build better homes. After the agricultural revolution, then came the industrial revolution where technology underwent a drastic change yet again.…

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