Team Contract Essay

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BUSN460 Team Contract Successful teams begin with guidelines that help to manage their work. For this class you and your teammates will need to create a set of rules called a Team Contract. As a team, complete all the sections listed below to build your Team Contract. Section I: Team Member Skill Inventory
Each team member must complete this section. Name | Strengths/Contributions | Not so strong areas | Nekens Colin | My individual strengths consist of dedication, an eye towards business solutions to complex problems, complete with new initiative and innovative measures.

I am also a Team builder and have the ability to communicate business processes and linguistics. | It takes me a long time to gather my thoughts and
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What will you do if members turn in work after the deadline?

Final work will be due by Friday of that week so at the Saturday meeting we can discuss the work done. Moreover, in the event where any improvements are needed, we will have ample time to discuss it and come up with contingency planning for the following work week. If for any reasons the Team does not receive other member’s assignment no later than the due date as indicated, we will proceed to drop our assignment without that Team member. Once the Team drops the assignment in the Dropbox, no other assignment will be accepted by the Team.

* How will you manage team members who do not participate?

Members who do not participate fully will get only one notification from the project Team Leader. The Team leader will send out an email communication to the rest of the team concerning the problem. As a result, the Team shall reconvene to discuss our options or decide whether or not to escalate the situation to the professor who shall then make the final decision. If no solutions are found, the Team Project Leader will then contact the professor. * How will you choose your team leader? What will be the responsibilities of the team leader?

The Leader will be chosen based on the Team votes, majority rules. The Team Member with the most votes will be selected, thus superseding and overruling the others democratically. The Team leader will be

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