Suzanne Chaucer 's The Canterbury Tales Essay

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Femininity in Marriage In Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales, the Wife of Bath presents a woman’s view on the institution of marriage. The Wife of Bath’s Prologue presents her experience of marriage as an economic exchange of sex for wealth. Alison explains her sex lifestyle within her marriages and how she retains control over her many husbands, thus enabling her to carry out her tale’s message that in marriage, women should have dominion. Her reproach starts when the husband has absolute authority and her greatest unhappiness lies in the moments where her power is threatened. In The Wife of Bath the character shows the qualities of power, lust and deceit in her marriages.
The Wife of Bath shows the interest of how she desire to complete control over her husband and possessions in marriages. Alison explains her five marriages and her strategies of gaining power through the use of her body. Her first marriage was at the age of twelve to a wealthy older man. With this husband and the next two, she was very reasonable about the relationships. She used her body to control her husbands and to gain financial benefits from them. She also emphasizes the significance of gaining control over the property in a relationship. She gains her desires by manipulating her husband, blaming offensive things, or of cheating, to make them feel so guilty. It is ironic to see the even though is not religious but, she uses the Bible as justification to pardon her behavior. She discusses…

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