Sustainability Report Essay

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Sustainable Business Management

Business Analysis

Bimdadgen Nursery

Submitted Friday 25th October
By Jason Sleeman
Student Number: 21348891

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1. Introduction 3
2. Scope of Analysis 4
3. Background 5
4. Water Management 6 4.1 Recommendations 6
5. Pollution/ Waste Management 8 5.1 Recommendations 8
6. Energy Management 10 6.1 Recommendations 10
7. Land Management 11 7.1 Recommendations 11
8. Transport Management 12 8.1 Recommendations 12
9. Sustainable Accounting System 14 9.1 Recommendations 14 9.1.1 Environmental Performance Indicators 14 9.1.2 Social
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These principles will form the foundations of this report and the recommendations made.

2. Scope of Analysis

In an attempt to provide a more detailed analysis, it is essential that limitations be placed on the study. It is recognised that in order to become truly sustainable, a more detailed analysis must be completed that looks at every aspect of the nursery’s supply chain including it’s suppliers, transport companies and retail chains that sell the company’s product. It is therefore decided that boundaries of the study will be set.

In reaching true sustainability, it would be important to trace all inputs in production back to their origin to evaluate the true impact of production. It would also be important to establish how the raw materials for these inputs are extracted and produced. However, due to limitations placed on this study, this extraction of raw materials for inputs will not be examined. Broad recommendations regarding the sourcing of inputs will be made however, a detailed exploration of how inputs are produced will not be included.

This study will focus on the nursery’s operations and production phase according to seven key areas of water management, energy management, waste management, transport management, land management, sustainable

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