Essay about Sustainability, Economics, Politics And Culture

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From a certain point of view, sustainability and economics are not related to each other. Some people can say that the economy simply are associated with money and the word "sustainability". It is also related to different kinds of enviornment. So, people can look as that sustainability and economics are not related each other. However, inside the economics, there are Environmental Economics, Information Ecnomics, and Real Estate Economic . Consequentely, the economy is deeply connected with not only money but also the environment. The concept of sustainability is that how biological systems remain diverse and productive. So, we can say that sustainability is related with food. Furthermore, sustainability is related with ecology,economics, politics and culture. Therefore, economics and sustainability is strongly connected each other. Then, we can conclude that if the environment related problems are occured, also economy is deteriorated. That is why we need to produce healthy food whithout compromising the natural and do not waste our foods. The first example is that Environmental impacts of food production.
Until recently, the most serious problem with the food was "How could eat enough". However, today, 14% of the world 's population is undernourished. However, in fact, currently world has produced enough grain to supply 3500 calories a day for everyone on the planet. This amount can be made almost all people that can increase obesity. In other words, today 's…

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