Summary Of ' East And West ' The Grip Of The Cold War ' Essay

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Dillon Sutton
HIS 112

Assignment Five

Assignment # 5 Chapter 25: East and West in the Grip of the Cold War

Compare and contrast the cultural and societal changes that occurred during the Cold War Era in Russia and China. Make sure to discuss repressive agendas that was portrayed the Communist governments in China and Russia; any restrictions in the media and literature; and any societal changes that includes higher education, the role of men and women in Russia and China. Was equality even possible in Russia and China during the Cold War Era? Explain. BE VERY THOROUGH IN THIS ESSAY. Please post your synopsis on Discussion Board so I can grade accordingly. This assignment should be at least one and a half (1 ½) pages long via a Word Document. You can either post your response in Discussion Board as a Word Document attachment or you type your response in a Word Document and then copy and paste your answer in Discussion Board. DO NOT EMAIL ME YOUR ASSIGNMENT OR IT WILL NOT BE GRADED.

Observers of the cold war would be wise to notice that China and Soviet Russia were two completely different animals. Other then both nations having a large population the only other real thing that they had in common was that they both were communists governments. Although they both were communist they often disagreed on things. Both governments developed in different ways as well as at different paces. Even in the beginning the Russian government had disagreements with…

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