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E-Delivery Application

Contents Contents 2 Figures 2 Aknowledgement 3 1.0 Introduction 4 1.1 Purpose 4 1.2 Scope 4 1.3 Project Timeline 5 2.0 Flowchart 6 2.1 Server Side Flowchart 6 2.2 User Side Flow Chart 9 3.0 User-friendly Interface 12 3.1 Default Mode 12

Figures Figure 1.1 – Project Timeline 5 Figure 2.1 – Server Flow chart 8 Figure 3.2 – User Flowchart 11 Figure 4.1 – GUI 12

The report was done by our group Khoo Zhong Xian and Ow Jun Han. We split task to do the job and allocate our time accordingly to ensure that we hand in on time. The Content inside is all self-written and if any abstract text will be mention on which website link to prevent copy write issue.

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MacDonald has a call center to provide 24/7 delivery but as we know it is frustrating to wait on queue call during peak hours as the number of service provider might not be enough. However, the cell phone, a necessity for everyone nowadays. E-Delivery can provide the information through SMS. Even without access to the internet or the call center, user can now place their order and get the information through SMS by sending in an inquiry to the service provider.

1.1 Purpose

The purpose of the E-delivery application is to ensure user friendliness and bring convenience to all customers by manually placing orders from their mobile phones at any required time.

1.2 Scope

The scope of this report will cover: 1. Flow Chart of E-Delivery (user and server) 2. Source codes of E-Delivery Application (Simple Start-Off) 3. User interface of E-Delivery (User-Friendly)

1.3 Project Timeline

This structure allows us to see where we have progress and we have split it into timeline for time management and task allocation within the teammates.

Figure 1.1 – Project Timeline

2.0 Flowchart
2.1 Server Side Flowchart

The Server side flow chart consists of how the server operates throughout the whole process of the running program. When the program was first initialized, server have to first clear the entire existing messages inside the database to

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