Essay about Study Of The Filipino Community

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In the past thirty to forty years, America has been struggling with resource management, specifically with oil However, more recently, California has been suffering from a different kind of resource scarcity- water. Here in California, many people heatedly debate on the price of gasoline, but few people are aware of the increase in water prices statewide, especially for farmers, who use eighty percent of the state’s allocated water. For farmers, the price of water has increased by as much as ten times its original amount, causing severe cutbacks in its usage in agriculture and consequently a cutback in the amount of food produced.
As a member of the Filipino Youth Association and an avid Filipino community activist with a deep rooted Filipino background, I have always felt one with the Filipino culture. Which is why I chose to study the Filipino community around where I live in order to see how the drought has affected my brothers and sisters. The Philippines is a tropical country, lying near the equator, and subject to many hurricanes and monsoons. It is no stranger to rainfall. Thus, when Californian Governor Brown declared the drought a statewide emergency, many Filipinos were unsure of what to do. They had never been tasked with the problem of saving water, it was an abundant resource in the Philippines. Water would be used for toilet paper, for agriculture. and even for electricity. Fishing is the primary source of food countrywide (much to my dismay) and the frequent…

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