Students and Academic Pressure Essay

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Aaron Smith, The 33 News.
Published: June 17, 2012
It's estimated that nearly 400 million people worldwide belong to either Facebook or MySpace. But doctors are now finding social Websites can lead to depression.
"I mean a lot of drama that goes on there. And people talking bad about each other," says Bryan Forsberg, talking about online social networks.
Whether it's a break up, rejection, or envy, cyberspace can feel real; even causing depression.
With both MySpace and Facebook, you have to request friends and then wait to be accepted. Normally, you get an email; but if it doesn't come, you can feel alone. On social Websites, the number of friends on your page also matters. Social networker Mohammed Gol says, "If someone has more friends
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For students who show they need adult supervision, Barone said, "the sooner you get it to them, the sooner they have goals set and expectations set for them, (and) they usually deliver." Cyber bullying can be difficult for adults to understand because it does not appear to have any physical harm, or they view bullying as a right of passage, Patchin said. And if people do not acknowledge cyber bullying as a serious problem, he added, it likely will continue to happen. "Technology is everywhere, and it's only going to become more prevalent in the lives of adolescents," Patchin said. "And so the potential is for it to increase or create a bigger problem." THE EFFECTS OF SOCIAL MEDIA ON TEENAGERS
Chris Crosby m.d socially activE
Kids today are as technologically connected as anyone on the planet has ever been. They have access to social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and they can be able to chat in real time with their friend who is a thousand miles away. Various reports suggest that about eighty-three percent of American youth use their phones for email, mobile internet and texting. The report further states that these American teens send and

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