Essay on Structural Violence & Csi

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Zubeida Shaik – 27 August 2010
Submitted to University of the Free State – BML Programme


“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

This classic phrase penned by George Orwell in his novel Animal Farm, signified a heartrending moment in the tale of farm animals becoming corrupted by power, as they destroy the utopian world of equality that they originally set out to create. When using this analogy to reflect on the human condition, the reality is that the truth is sadly stranger (or more damning!) than fiction.

Notwithstanding the Universal Declaration of Human Rights’, recognition of the “inalienable rights” of equality of “all members of the
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While Western countries such as the USA and the UK, experience over consumption of food, even resulting in many instances in obesity, hunger is a daily reality for the World’s poor. A startling example of how such inequality can be “manufactured” by powerful western interests is the devastating impact Genetically Modified (GM) foods has on food security in certain developing countries.

An example of the latter highlighted by Hart (33-35) is the entry of chemicals giant Monsanto into the GM food production sector. While the company publicly promised that their genetically engineered seeds would “increase farmers’ yield, reduce pesticide use, and help deliver nutrients to the World’s chronically undernourished”, the reality of their impact was unpleasantly different. By acquiring and then enforcing patent rights on essential grains, Monsanto dramatically drove up the prices farmers had to pay for seeds. Furthermore, by applying seed-sterilisation technology the company prevented farmers from propagating seeds from their own crops, thus locking farmers into a system where they would be dependent on buying their seeds from Monsanto or other GM seed producers (Hart, 2010: 35). The impact of these practices were experienced across the developing world with farmer

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